PRESAGE-SX multi-unit controller


A standard model controlling 2-8 compressors. PLC is equipped with MELSEC-FX3U series made by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.
The display is equipped with a 5.7 model color liquid crystal touch panel also made by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation.


A high spec model controlling 2-14 compressors and equipped with optional functions in addition to the functions of a standard PRESAGE-SX.
This is most suitable for controlling the large-scale intensive setting of air compressors, the dispersive setting, intensive plumbing, and the divisional plumbing.



A multi-drop connection that is able to make extensions to the PRESAGE-SXQ. Models that can connect to 3 compressors and 7 compressors are available. There is also an exclusive pressure detector.
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The fourth generation multi-unit controller PRESAGE-SX/SXQ(SPEC4) is equipped with the PLC(sequencer) of the latest model, as well as newly designed hardware and software. The conventional control system(SPEC3)is implanted as Mode 3, and learning functions, predictive control, new network control, optional control by expansion terminals, a new monitoring system, and a maintenance support system were added, making it dependable and as easy to use as a conventional multi-unit controllers, but with the added performance capability of a next generation model.

This multi-unit controller contains a built-in PLC that is automatically controlled by the pressure detected from the concentrated pressure tanks, which operate effectively by regulating starting signals, loading(100%discharge) , and non-loading(0% discharge) using the minimum required units.

Continuously Evolving PRESAGE-SX

Supports all brands of air compressors as well as the latest models.

Mode3 Control

This uses a control method that has been adopted from the conventional model (SPEC3). This model has excellent pressure tracking characteristics, stage pressure control (multi-stage start-up / full load and unload control) and PID control. The Mode 3 control functions as if it were being operated by a person.

There are three stafges for the upper pressure limits (PH < PHH < PHHH), and three stages for the lower pressure limits (PL > PLL > PLLL). The control of the start, load, and unload intervals following the second unit, are based on the numerical measurement of information that passes through the upper and lower limits, as well as the duration of time in which the limits are exceeded.

Group Control

Compressors can be classified by their function and their ability to discharge, and they can be controlled by the most efficient operating methods. In addition, a group number can be set by using the touch panel, and the calculative operating time of each compressor is equalized and controlled in the same group.

Predictive Control

The predictive consumption mechanism reads the change in pressure (rise and fall) within several seconds, chooses the necessary air compressor, and structures the most optimal control of the start, load, unload functions, etc.

※This function may be canceled in such cases where more than one inverter air compressors run and the holding capacity of the plumbing and tankage are low.

While the flow quantity of the multiple inverter air compressors are being regulated, any unnecessary air compressors will be stopped once the pressure is stable between the upper limit and the lower limit, allowing the most suitable facets of the inverter compressor to be operated.

Learning Function

①Based on changes in past consumption, functions such as predictive control and preliminary start-up are made possible.
②In the case of a standard compressor, the upper and lower control limits are automatically changed and optimized solely by the setting of the minimum pressure.

Expansion Terminal

The setting of each input and output point of contact can be changed by using the touch panel.

  • Input of the second pressure setting, input of emergency stoppage, and output of abnormal pressure.

Special Control

  • Internal demand control (limits total motor power)
  • The second pressure control switch
  • Maintenance control

Data Management

The memory card can save various information, including the history of errors in CSV format.


  • Outdoor specifications
  • Independent panel specifications
  • Cold weather specifications
  • Air conditioner mounted on the panel
  • Freeze prevention function
  • High pressure specifications (- 2MPa) (standard specifications: 0 - 1MPa)

Network Controlled Communication Between Panels PRESAGE SYSTEM

A multi-drop communication connection by RS485 is possible among PRESAGE-SXs including the old PRESAGE-SX/SXQ that was released prior to the SPEC3 During communication. between the panels, the information detected by another SX is monitored, and this information can be transmitted to up to 12 compressors. The correctional pressure control based on the measurements of the main and sub terminal units, along with the centralized and simultaneous control of the load function, the unload function, and the start-up of the air compressors of both the main and sub terminal units, are also possible.

※Up to three of SPEC3 can be connected by RS485. Ethernet or RS485 is selectable with versions following SPEC4.

Remote control security and monitoring system PRESAGE-RmmE

Remote control security and monitoring system PRESAGE-RmmE can be connected by Ethernet. Real time operational status, detected pressure, the load factor and virtual electricity of the inverter, and the calculation of discharged pressure can be represented in the form of a graph.
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Compatible Models

IHI Corporation All TW,FX series models (NS series models are not supported)
Atlas Copco G,ZT,ZR series( Inverter output is handled by the manufacturer)
Anest Iwata Models after SCD-series, ZTD, ZRT, ZWT series
Kaeser Oil-in models
Kobelco Compressor All types except Scroll and models below AM/AS3.7kW
Hitachi Industrial equipment System All types of Hi-SCREW, OSP series, and DSP series,
※Panels of the inverter are compatible with V-types
Hokuetsu Industries・Meiji Machine Completely compatible with SAS/SWS,SMS-4(SAW is excluded)
※Panels for the inverter are compatible with V-types
Mitsui Seiki Kogyo Co., Ltd Completely compatible with Zu, u14000 and models after Z4
※Panels for the inverter are compatible withZV,ZUV,i14000 type

※Models capable of controlling other types of compressors are available. Please, feel free to ask.

  • Deliveries are shipped by mixed loading.
  • Compressor remote control kits, motorized valve remodeling kits, screws used for attaching the control panel, and anchors are not included.
  • Attaching the motorized valve to the discharge opening of oil-free models(excluding water-based lubricant types), and to the coolant supply pipe of a cooling system is recommended.